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Travel Trips

1 -Medical  Travel Insurance  . It is a highly recommended to have travel emergency  health insurance. There is a local doctor who will be glad to help any visitors to La Roche D’Hys for minor problems. The cost is generally around 20 Euros which you may claim from your own health insurance provider back home. Emergency health coverage is for hospitalization, emergency ambulance and repatriation, should anything happen.


2 - Appliances: Please remember that the electrical current in Europe is 220V. Make sure you have a plug adapter for your appliances and that they have either dual voltage capability or that you bring a converter. Otherwise you risk frying your appliance.


3 - Bedding is supplied but it is a good idea to bring your own towel if possible.


4 - Clothing : Since airlines as very restrictive these days, it is advised that you pack lightly.  You will be in the country so no need for formal or smart wear. Comfortable  non restrictive work clothes for classes, a pair of sandals and a pair of running shoes, sweatshirt or sweater for evenings, light rain jacket , something to wear for  the concert but definitely not formal ! There are free washing machines in the house and an outdoor clothes line. Laundry is best done over night so it can hung up in the morning.


5- There is swimming possibility nearby, weather permitting. Bring bathing apparel if you wish to participate.



6 - All guests who use the facilities at La Roche D’Hys, are required to join as Members of C.I.R.C. - Centre International de Rencontres Culturelles ( Centre for International Cultural Encounters) – cost only 5 Euros for stagiares  This  is primarily for insurance purposes


7 - All guests are required to sign a liabilty waiver upon arrival at La Roche D’Hys. The Centre will not be held responsible  for personal theft, damage, or injury of the guest nor his/her possessions during the visit to La Roche D’Hys. 

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