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The Art of Contemporary Mosaics


Heading 6

June 03 to September 10

La Roche D'Hys Gallery

Visit by appointment only

Artist Elaine M.  Goodwin is internationally recognized as a specialist in contemporary mosaic art and design. Her work is found in numerous collections both private and national in England, Scotland, France. North America, Marocco  has been exhibited all throughout Europe, Japan, Egypt and North Aftrica.  


Inspired by Bysantine stylized imagery,  she works exclusively using precious venietian gold  and smalti glass.


The work is stunning and luminous. Un veritable feast for the eyes leading us out of two years of Covid darkness !!  

2021 EXHIBITION                     

INUIT ART                                Papiara Tukiki

      In collaboration with Dorset Fine Arts Canada

Wild things VII Img5506.jpg


du 25/ 07 au 30 /09  2021

Visites sur rendez-vous :

03 80 33 94 42

A  new collection of Etching & Chine Collé prints and a unique selection of Papiara’s   hand-pulled colour prints.


This wonderful artist  gives free rein to her imagination in these delightfully whimsical images. Fundamental to her playful creations is her innate sense of design and composition, as well as the confident line work that bring her subjects to life.


Art Inuit of

Papiara Tukiki

I enjoy drawing animals and I’m amazed at how they survive up here in the north. Without them, my family would never have survived. I also draw people camping because I am reminded of old times when we lived on the land. Those were good times.
-Papiara Tukiki

« J’aime dessiner des animaux et je suis étonné de voir comment ils survivent ici, dans le nord. Sans eux, ma famille n'aurait jamais survécu. Je dessine aussi des gens qui campent parce que je me souviens du bon vieux temps où nous vivions sur la terre. C'étaient de bons moments ».

-Papiara Tukiki




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