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Quotes from recent participants:


"The things I have learned here will remain in my daily life, both as

a better musician and  in my personal development. Thank you again!"

  Hsin-Pei, pianist, Weimar, Vancouver, Taipei


"I don't know where to start...What a great learning experience. I

feel my body has never been involved into my singing and it feels

great!!! I look forward to going back.”

   Marc-Antoine, Singer, Montreal, Quebec


"What can I say? The experience has surpassed my expectations by far!

This has been an amazing experience and provided me with a strong

start for my music/voice studies at UBC."

    Alys, Singer, Vancouver, BC, Canada


"I know that the new awareness I have learned will allow me to get

inside the music and I think that this alone will allow me for to

become a more genuine and powerful performer."

     Jonathan, Singer, University of Toronto, Canada


"Thank you so much for an incredible week...I have learned so much

about myself and so much about myself musically and vocally! I hope

to come back soon.”     

    Karin, Utrecht Conservatory, Holland


"This has been the most interesting experience in my life. There are

all kinds of people who are interesting and funny and I learned a lot

from them. You are so kind, warm-hearted and full of energy and opened

up your home like this..just like a big family!"

   Su Yan, pianist Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China


"What a wonderful creative oasis you have made here and all the

people you so generously invite to share it with you. I am very

grateful to have been part of it.”

    Wayne, pianist, Nuremberg, Germany


Opera Connections Europe programme particiants:

“Singing in Europe is an ultimate dream….attending the programme at La Roche D'Hys was an experience that has helped propel me forward and find the confidence within to go out and do it! The excellent professional coaches and conductors I worked with, helped me hone in on what I should present in European auditions, to understand how the system works and what to expect. 


I was really impressed with the demo recordings we made.  The engineer was very professional and precise and my demo's far exceeded my expectations!   What an enormous benefit both artistically and financially was to have top level coaches and conductors to prepare my arias all week and then record them immediately!  


As a singer who has completed her musical training and is working professionally, I really enjoyed being in an intimate atmosphere with a small group in the French country side.  Our hosts at La Roche D’Hys made every  effort to introduce us to the French culture, cuisine and wine.  Every meal was scrumptious and I enjoyed learning about the different dishes, cheese and wine that were prepared for us daily.  We were taken on visits to local towns including Dijon, markets, lakes and scenery.  This wasn't just a course in opera it was a course in French culture! 


This program at La Roche D’Hys with the Orfeo Foundation is  really a very unique and an absolutely essential step in helping young singers  prepare for and understand the European opera circuit!  I wish every singer could experience this kind of professional preparation!”  - Oliver Kretschmer  TACT agency


I would like to extend deep gratitude for exceptional and thoughtful training, for creating an environment which encouraged collaboration between the artists and a supportive environment which contributed to a high level of improvement and performance. Thank you for the extra lengths taken to attract world class agents to hear the singers and give their feedback. It was and invaluable experience on many levels!!!!

The movement classes were great and the chance to audition for agents and to get feedback was very helpful….


Everything I went there to do happened and more. The confidence this program gave me to get out there and go, and the people I met who have continued to answer my emails, set up auditions and help me with anything I needed was worth every penny!

I accomplished what I set out to do and now have connections who are helping me launch my career internationally. I no longer have a need to attend any programs as this one did what it set out to do.





Creative writing students find inspiration in France

Travelling this summer to the locations where some of modern literature’s most famous authors penned many of their greatest works was akin to a pilgrimage for some very fortunate creative writing students.


I had visited France on another occasion as a tourist, but said this was a totally different experience.

“I felt like we were living here"


“I felt like the whole time my senses were going crazy, There was so much to taste and hear and smell and see. You learn a lot of things about writing when you don’t even realize you’re learning them. But it’s not just writing and photography. It’s like a life course.”


“I left France very sure that I can do whatever I set my mind to,” said Moussa, who wants to continue writing, creating films, and perhaps even hosting her own television talk show one day. “You just feel like you grew as a person.”      

 Asil Moussa was one of about a dozen creative writing students who traveled to France in early July.




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