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Music and Dance Exchange


This program is a residential interdisciplinary performance laboratory for professional artists and researchers, based at Ferme de la Roche D’Hys- Domaine des Arts in Burgundy France.

Music and Dance Exchange allows participants to explore collaborations between the disciplines of music and dance, with the additional involvement of theatre, visual and digital arts, to create starting points for new performance work. Music and Dance Exchange provides essential time for artists to investigate new aspects of performance work; to engage in creative practice-based research where the focus is on process, not product.




  September 2022 special projet 


Women’s stories through Dance

In 2017, Suzette Sherman and Michele Green joined forces for a performance at the Guelph Dance Festival. Forty years had passed since they last danced together professionally. Friends for many decades, the connection they felt as mature dance artists and the way dance has enriched and informed their lives led them to question what part they could play in the future. In lieu of more formal stage performances, they looked for a way to link dance presentations of emotional integrity with small, intimate audiences.

"The Passionate Heart event is born out of our desire to share what we find so compelling about dance, to initiate new audiences to this language of modern dance and to offer dance as the potent story telling medium that it is. We believe the transformative power of this art form can aid in processing emotional experiences in powerful, nonverbal ways offering healing, comfort or simply a moment of quiet peace in people's fast paced, complex lives."

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